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CSP (Content Security Policy)

In this post, I’ll practically show you one promising new defense using CSP (Content Security Policy) that can significantly reduce possible XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) attacks in modern web-browsers (currently Chrome 16+ and Firefox 4+)!

I’ll not only block inline/outer scripts but also ask user-agent to auto-generate report for each violated activity it founds that violates my pre-defined policy.

Read full post:

Exploring CSP (Content Security Policy) using ASP.NET MVC

Test online: http://csp.somee.com/


Interesting behavior of lineWidth on Opera

I found an interesting behavior of lineWidth on Opera when setting its value very large:

context.lineWidth = 222;

This is a rectangle whose lineWidth is 222!

On Google Chrome, Firefox or IE – it doesn’t act like Opera!

If you want to test it quickly, open my tool: Canvas Designer

Selectrectangle” from tool-box; set lineWidth=222 (from tool-box) and draw rectangle! (You must do this in Opera!)