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Just designed a simplest project: UseMe

UseMe allows you to compare features side-by-side or search any feature as quickly and easily as possible!

Features are relevant to HTML5CSS3 and JavaScript specifications (also WebGL/SVG etc.)

Data has taken from +caniuse.com (awesome website!)

If I misused any feature; please let me know in the case.

I wanna make its design awesome using Canvas 2d API but my exams are about to starts (college exams) that’s why I’m early releasing a simplest version of UseMe.

Some individual features:
❶ http://muaz-khan.github.com/UseMe/#Canvas
❷ http://muaz-khan.github.com/UseMe/#WebGL
❸ http://muaz-khan.github.com/UseMe/#Video

Some features comparatively:
❶ http://muaz-khan.github.com/UseMe/#Canvas/vs/WebGL
❷ http://muaz-khan.github.com/UseMe/#Audio/vs/Video
❸ http://muaz-khan.github.com/UseMe/#requestAnimationFrame/vs/Canvas


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